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MUNICH CORE is a naturopathic private practice focusing on patients with problems relating to overweight (obesity), their causes and possible subsequent illnesses. These include diseases of the metabolism and the endocrinium (hormones) as well as an improper way of life without a pathological background.

Patients diagnosed with problems of obesity, such as musculoskeletal, especially the spine, symptoms of cardiopulmonary circulatory system and metabolic disorders in the digestive tract (liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and intestines) are also treated by us.

Our main tool and our philosophy here is always an exact history as it is our aim to not only find their symptomatic issues, but find the cause of their suffering and relieve their symptoms. To this end, we
take a lot of time to capture the totality of their suffering in a detailed interview. Many diseases can now be by technical means such as MRI, computer tomography, X-ray or ultrasound, which further depict
their sufferings. At this point, we are building from MUNICH CORE and this serves us both in conventional medical diagnosis as well as from the large field of Naturopathy.

As well as that, MUNICH CORE offers much more. We support, test and advise hobby, amateur and professional athletes. As a newcomer in a particular sport or as a professional, we will show you ways of
optimizing training and will determine in our “laboratory”, exact workout parameters using lactate test and exercise ECG. For the patients targeted weight reduction, or race preparation, we bring out
for them individual diet and exercise plans to maximise their available training time. The care of our athletes always takes place with a holistic, medical approach so that they are strengthened, and
are both physically and mentally able to focus on their respective goals!

We are looking forward to you coming to see us!

Yours sincerely,

Florian Fischer