All from one hand…

Germany is one of the most advanced medical and innovative countries in the world. For this reason, every year many people of all countries visit us to handle, examine, or to have an operation here. It is often very difficult, if not impossible, to find the best doctor for each problem and to coordinate everything from abroad.

Therefore I accompany you to avoid problems and to be as relaxed as on a holiday during your stay. For our patients, we organize everything related to their stay. From the pickup at the airport, the daily shuttle service with highly trained drivers and bodyguards, reservation and booking of hotels, accompaniment to the doctors and hospitals as well as the organization of therapeutic treatments. In addition, I take care of the patients when staying in Munich and to all of their personal concerns; no matter what you want, everything is possible …!

Please feel free to send me in advance any medical reports, preliminary examinations and X-rays, and MRI images. I will then examine then here in Germany with specialized doctors and discuss and inform you of our diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

If interested, please send me your request via the “contact” form to and I will gladly take care of your request as soon as possible!