Man, miracle of evolution

To play sports, to move or to eat healthy are keywords that sound great and can be marketed well in the economy. But what actually happens inside us when we do that? Why is my muscle bigger? Why do I burn no fat, even though I eat healthy and I regularly do sports? Why can I suddenly not tolerate any dairy products? And why am I getting weather headaches?

These are many questions to which we often have no exact answer, and the medicine
is sometimes clueless … But for all phenomena, there are reasons, because our body does not do anything without a reason!

The human body is of such enormous complexity that the transition to the gym or sports club leads quickly and often “only” to disillusionment. Training success consists of a holistic concept! That is why professional athletes train with a staff of specialists, you’d think a professional knows how to train himself?!

For these many reasons, it is important to seek the advice of a professional in order not to fail, even before the actual start!